Dubai: Night-time temperature has dropped to 9 degrees Celsius in Sharjah and 12 degrees in Dubai, about three degrees lower than what it is usually this time of the year, the met office said on Friday.

"This is because of the North to North-Easterly low level winds coming from Iran, where it is very cold after lots of snowfall there," said Dr S.K Gupta, duty forecaster at the Dubai Met Office.

He said freezing level has gone down from between 10,000 -12, 000 feet to between 6,500-7,500 feet, where at this level the temperature is 0 degrees Celsius.

But there is no chance of frost on top of the Ras Al Khaimah mountains, unlike some years past, the met office said. "One year the freezing level had gone down to 5000 feet, the height of the top of the mountains," he said.

Daylight temperature will hover at 22 degrees Celsius. It will be pleasant weather during the next 48 hours, with the skies partly cloudy. The winds will be light and the sea calm and there is no chance of any rainshowers.

The heavy rains on Wednesday night were very localised and sporadic, said the forecaster. "Driving around Jumeirah you could feel the micro-bursts of rain, which was very heavy in that area," said Gupta. The rainfall recorded at Dubai Airport was 5.6 mm.

Dubai met office has set up a hotline (04 2162218) for weather updates.