Romina Pourmokhtari
Romina Pourmokhtari, Sweden’s Minister for Climate and the Environment Image Credit: Supplied


As Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson leads a high-powered delegation to COP28, Sweden’s commitment to ambitious climate action and a thriving green economy comes to the forefront 

Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson along with several ministers and a large delegation of negotiators, climate experts and business representatives will participate in COP 28. Sweden has set out to be ambitious and constructive and push for global action given that the climate crisis is here and now and that the world still has a chance to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

As she participates in the negotiations, the Sweden’s Minister for Climate and the Environment Ms. Romina Pourmokhtari will be able to use Sweden’s own experience to demonstrate that there are significant opportunities in the green transition.

Sweden leads by example. The parliament has adopted a formal decision that the country’s emissions should reach net zero by 2045. And it’s on the path to reach that target. Sweden also held the rotating presidency in the European Union when it adopted its ambitious new climate legislation called “Fit for 55” earlier this year.

Mattias Frumerie
Mattias Frumerie, Sweden’s Climate Ambassador and lead negotiator in the COP Image Credit: Supplied

The country also provides and helps mobilise resources to developing countries so that they can transition to a sustainable future and adapt to climate change already taking place.

Sweden is a leading donor to multilateral development banks and global climate funds and intends to increase this even further.

Sweden also seeks synergies between international aid, innovation and trade, and it plays a leading role in providing financial guarantees for green transition projects.

Mattias Frumerie, Sweden’s Climate Ambassador and lead negotiator in the COP, emphasizes that there are many solutions to speed up the green transition already available.

Sweden is a leader in green tech, with cutting-edge solutions for the climate challenge. Swedish companies and innovation are turbocharging the global green transition and the companies combine sustainability with profitability and are setting the standard for climate action.