Workers from Al Ain Municipality and Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre cut down a wild tree. Image Credit: COURTESY Al Ain Muncipality

Al Ain: In a campaign called ‘Clean Environment: Clean Life’, workers from Al Ain Municipality and Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre are cutting down wild trees and shrubs to improve Al Ain’s image.

The campaign initially focuses on neighbourhoods and gardens in Al Ain’s downtown area.

“Our aim is to beautify the city’s appearance and keep it clean by eliminating harmful trees that also serve as a breeding ground for insects,” Suhail Aboud Al Darmaki, director of gardens and recreational parks at Al Ain Municipality for the downtown area, said.

Public and private organisations are supporting the campaign, which takes into account biodiversity and the conservation of natural resources. Al Darmaki said the drive will be completed within a month or two.

Nail Al Shamsi, Director of recycling at the Al Ain branch of the WMC, said the campaign would enhance the city’s image and help control insects. A clean and sustainable environment is a top priority in the nation’s development and strategic vision, he said.

He said the centre has also been running year-round educational initiatives to support the authorities’ efforts to educate people on the benefits of a clean environment.

“We are highly focused on public safety and health to support the Vision 2030 programme of Abu Dhabi Government that is aimed at developing a clean and sustainable environment,” Al Shamsi said.