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Al Ain: Al Ain Zoo is offering an innovative, interactive experience for students through a programme at the world’s largest man-made African safari.

The safari takes students on an educational tour, accompanied by a team of Emirati tour guides specialising in wildlife conservation. Students will experience a diverse mix of African wildlife right in the heart of Al Ain city, via an interactive journey where they learn about animals threatened with extinction.

The safari tour, lasting 30 minutes, kicks off in a vehicle fully equipped for safety and comfort to ensure an exciting adventure in a world inhabited by creatures such as giraffes, zebras, white rhinos, different species of oryx and many other distinctive animals, seen in unique habitats. The Emirati safari guides highlight endangered species, in addition to the efforts made by local and international zoological parks in conservation and biodiversity.

The trip is available for all students over the age of five along with their teachers.

Omar Al Beloushi, director of Marketing and Corporate communications at Al Ain Zoo, said: “The zoo seeks to make the educational process richer, more flexible and more interactive through learning and understanding nature’s components. This vividly supports the wheel of education in modern and innovative ways, to develop students’ skills and make education an enjoyable experience.”

Al Ain Safari, which opened in 2016, is a qualitative leap in the wildlife world.

The visitor takes a trip in which the desert, plants and animals combine with human creativity over two square kilometres. The wildlife conservation programmes at Al Ain Zoo have not only been able to preserve endangered species, but also increase the numbers of animals such as the Scimitar Oryx and the Addax.

The Al Ain Zoo Safari includes a world of animals with lions, rhinoceroses, giraffes, ostriches and many others, making it a global standard for conservation projects in the Arab region, in addition to its educational role in highlighting the conservation of wild animal species for future generations.