A file picture of Ahmad Abdullah Majan Image Credit: WAM

Abu Dhabi: Dubbed the ‘Emirati [Thomas] Edison’, inventor Ahmad Abdullah Majan has won six gold and bronze medals at the 13th annual British Invention Show for Design, Innovation & Technology in London.

Majan, who competed against 400 people from across the world, won double gold for inventing a fox trap, double gold for an eagle trap, three silver medals for dog-training devices and a bronze for a device to protect fish.

The retired Armed Forces officer is the first Emirati to participate in the show. Majan dedicated the medals to the UAE royal family and government.

The United Kingdom’s Intellectual Property Office was present at the show, offering advice to the competitors. The inventors also had a chance to speak to various investors on the possibility of expanding their projects.

Majan welcomed the idea, saying that innovators need to meet with possible business partners so they can put their inventions to life.