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Back to School season is very exciting for kids, and some 'older' kids (guilty hand raised), but wandering the huge malls in the UAE for specific things your kids are screaming for is not as fun for parents. We are here to help with a listing of places to try for various categories of items. 

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We will update this list as we get further into the season, so bookmark this page now.


While most schools have uniforms, some schools may require certain kind of trainers or pants or shirts for various events. Not to mention how some kids grow by several feet in height in just two months. 

For sports tees and clothes for both boys and girls, try Stadium, which features a variety of brands and has a back to school collection on till August 26. Also try Guess's new back to school collection for the year featuring pretty prints, neutral colours and cuts for both boys and girls. 

American Eagle Outfitters is another chain to try if you are looking for sturdy jeans for children that also come in jegging styles for girls. 


Try Shoe Mart for mid-range comfortable shoes for both boys and girls. Starting from Dh69, you can also get themed shoes, besides the traditional school friendly ones, based on your kids' favourite Disney character or comic book hero. These are comfortable, and many have velcro straps making it easier for younger kids to handle, saving you precious morning time.

Stadium stores across Dubai have a back to school collection of sport shoes featuring brands such as Reebok and Adidas for less than Dh160. Most shoes in this range come with velcro straps. These last a long while, and is a good investment for sports requirements at school.


Backpacks are a yearly purchase and should be bought with care. Lugging around kilos of books needs to get comfortable. Try getting bags with rollers, and ensure that the shoulder straps are padded with extra options for stability, like a waist belt.

Virgin Megastores have both options with many prints that may appeal to teenagers. Shoe Mart and Stadium feature good brands such as Puma and Wildcraft among others for various budgets. Also try Centrepoint for sling bags and backpacks. Ace stores also have a complete back to school section featuring bundled and separate themed items like this Spiderman ensemble. 

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Every school project nowadays requires fair amount of computer work and we recommend HP's Pavilion 360 for parents looking for a good laptop for school-going children, or even for new college students. It is compact at 14 inches and features touch display.

Another good investment would be a Casio G-shock watch. If you have a kid who is screaming for a watch but also tends to damage them all, this is the watch for you. 


Typo stores have some of the prettiest journals. You can also try Virgin Megastore to buy these personal journals. 


Dubai Mall has a 'Back to School' section set up in the atrium on the ground floor, which you can't miss if you're going to watch the Dubai Fountain or an in that area.

There are at least five to seven brands displaying their wares there.