Sunmarke Options Week 2021 is open for all students and parents in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied


Sunmarke School is running an exciting online event, the “Virtual Options Week,” open to the community, so Year 9 & 11 students can learn of and choose subjects for their GCSEs, IB, A levels and BTECs

Sunmarke School, one of the leading schools in Dubai, is currently holding an exciting and innovative online event, called the Sunmarke Options Week 2021. The online event is open to the entire parents’ community in Dubai, where students, together with their parents, can learn of, discuss and make the right subject choices for their GCSEs, IB, A levels and BTECs that align with their personal, university and career aspirations.

The event that is spread over two weeks from January 10th to 20th, 2021, Sunday to Wednesday, 4pm to 6pm each day saw students learn of and choose their GCSE and BTEC subjects in week 1. The current week is dedicated to students choosing their IB, A level and BTEC subjects.

Commenting on the event, Dr. Neil Hopkin, Executive Principal of Sunmarke School, said, “Even though Covid has prevented parents, students and teachers from gathering, as per Sunmarke’s relentless drive towards academic excellence, this event will ensure our students continue to receive the best academic support in their subjects which are aligned with their interests and potential career choices.”

The online event that has witnessed over 2000 attendees so far, is enabling students and parents to have interactive Q&As and 1:1’s with teachers and senior leaders. With a view to benefit the greater community, the event is open to all, and not only students enrolled at Sunmarke. Remarkably, the event has drawn tremendous traction so far from non-Sunmarke parents and students.