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Sharjah: The Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) has issued a circular regulating the issue of paying school fees, explaining that students must not be dismissed, denied entry to exams, or stopped from exercising their right to education, due to the delay in paying fees, whether for students who receive distance learning or direct education.

Sharjah Broadcasting Authority (SBA), ‘Sharjah News’, reported that SPEA called on schools to deal with flexibility with parents struggling to pay fees.

Steps to follow

SBA reported that SPEA has determined, through an official circular No. 7 for the year 2021, which was distributed to all governed schools, the steps to be followed in cases of late payment of school fees. This includes direct communication with parents and providing options for payment or rescheduling dues in a way that suits both parties.

Schools’ rights

The circular also guaranteed private schools their right to refrain from issuing transfer certificates or end-of-year certificates, as well as to refrain from re-registering the student for a new academic year, until a financial settlement is made that guarantees schools their rights, without prejudice to the students’ right to finish the ongoing school year.

Learning to continue

SPEA Director Ali Al Hosani said that the relationship between all parties in the educational process is a participatory and cooperative one. He added that it is the right of schools to claim their fees, using consensual methods, and to take the measures provided by the circular issued by the authority, without prejudice to the educational right of the child until the end of the school year, and to work on a settlement, within a degree of flexibility to both school administrations and parents of students.

End of school year

The call to follow the circular comes as the school year approaches its end, as students in private schools are preparing to take exams for the third and last semester of the current academic year 2020-2021.

The authority recently announced that schools are ready to conduct exams at the end of the current school year, while following COVID-19 precautionary measures and procedures, and the directives of the Ministry of Education and SPEA.