SP Jain
Dr Vaidyanathan Jayaraman, Dean — UG Programmes in Sydney, Singapore, Dubai and Mumbai Image Credit: Supplied

S P Jain School of Global Management (SP Jain) is a leading technology-led Australian business school known for its disruptive innovation in business education.

“A pioneer in promoting the concept of global intelligence, the school has mastered the multi-campus model with an array of successful undergraduate and master’s programmes,” says Dr Vaidyanathan Jayaraman, Dean — UG Programmes in Sydney, Singapore, Dubai and Mumbai.

“The school has turned traditional pedagogy on its head by using technology-led approaches such as flipped classrooms, business simulations, gamification, virtual reality and blended learning as part of its teaching philosophy.”

SP Jain has campuses in the vibrant cities of Dubai, Singapore, Mumbai and Sydney and is renowned for running its global business programmes across these cities. Its undergraduate programme portfolio in Dubai for September 2021 intake includes the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Data Science, and Bachelor of Economics (BEC).

“For admissions, all applicants are expected to have completed a minimum of 12 years of schooling. They need to submit an application online. All applicants that meet the eligibility requirements must take SP Jain Entrance Test, SAT or ACT tests. They need to obtain the minimum test score required to process to the Evaluation Stage before they are admitted,” explains Dr Jayaraman. Admission deadline for September 2021 intake is June 15.

There are various levels of scholarships granted based on a holistic view of the candidate’s profile.

Merit Scholarships: These are awarded based on the candidate’s outstanding achievements, academic performance and entrance interview.

Diversity: Candidates from underrepresented countries or regions may qualify for special international scholarships to provide a truly global learning experience. 

Dean’s list scholarship: Students who feature on the Dean’s List for both semesters of the same academic year will receive a 10 per cent Dean’s List Scholarship for the next academic year.

At SP Jain, students can avail the opportunity to pursue internship at the various locations of their study. “Although internships are voluntary, students are always encouraged to make good use of their summer break and gain real-time exposure to global businesses,” says Dr Jayaraman.

In the past, SP Jain’s undergraduate students have interned with some of the world’s top companies like American Express, Apple, Ernst & Young, Forbes, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG and Unilever, to name a few.