In a world where higher education choices can often feel overwhelming, Murdoch University Dubai stands out as a beacon of opportunity, offering ambitious learners a transformative academic experience. With smaller classrooms and bigger dreams, the University fosters an environment that sparks passion and ignites the drive to excel. With an extensive range of academic offerings, Murdoch University Dubai caters to a diverse audience, spanning from Foundation and Diploma programs to a plethora of Undergraduate and Postgraduate options, including prestigious degrees like MBA and MEd.

Murdoch University Dubai emerges as the ideal institution for individuals like you seeking higher education, regardless of your academic background or career aspirations. With scholarships opening doors to financial assistance, accelerated paths to graduation propelling students forward, and the unique opportunity to pursue double majors, the University sparks a fire within ambitious learners. Unleash your greatness at Murdoch University Dubai, where up to half your fees are on us!

The University that pays up to half of your tuition fees

Yes, you read that correctly! Say goodbye to the tiresome quest for the ideal scholarship because the perfect solution is finally here! Eligible candidates can secure up to 40% Academic Merit Scholarship on their Undergraduate programs and up to 50% Scholarship on all Foundation and Diploma programs. Once enrolled at the University, exceptional students can even avail themselves of a 100 per cent Academic Merit Scholarship, ensuring their academic journey is fully supported.

Double major at no extra cost

Choosing a major in University can be a daunting task. It is a decision that can shape your career and personal development for years to come. However, with the opportunity to double majors in two different fields of discipline without incurring any additional cost, Murdoch University Dubai has made this decision a little easier for students like you. It allows you to broaden your academic horizons, enhance your employability prospects, and increase your earning potential. If you're looking to challenge yourself and take your academic journey to the next level, a double major at Murdoch University Dubai may be the perfect choice for you.

Fast-track your way to your dream career

If you are eager to fast-track your education without any additional cost or compromise on quality, Murdoch University Dubai's fast-track option is ideal. By completing your degree in just two years instead of the traditional three, you can accelerate your career prospects and embark on your professional journey sooner than you ever imagined, at the same cost as a three-year degree. Take advantage of this opportunity to supercharge your education and shape a successful future.

Create the future of AI

Murdoch University Dubai is at the forefront of innovation in academia, offering a Bachelor of Information Technology in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems. The program emphasizes the importance of data visualization and storytelling. You will learn to leverage cutting-edge visualisation tools such as; D3.js, Unity3D, Unreal, WebGL, XR technologies, and devices, along with having the chance to explore the immersive world of VR/AR technology. This skill set will enable you to communicate insights and captivate audiences through data-driven storytelling effectively. This unique programme provides you with a comprehensive understanding of AI and equips you with the skills to design and implement cutting-edge AI models.

Boost your business management skills

Accelerate your business management career with Murdoch University Dubai's exceptional MBA programme. This 12-month flexible course offers a customisable structure, diverse courses, experienced faculty, and a focus on personal and professional growth. Gain the skills and knowledge to excel in today's competitive business landscape.

Become a member of the industry

Acknowledging the significance of industry involvement, Murdoch University Dubai actively cultivates connections with the business world. As a MEPRA and PRCA MENA member, the University has a strong presence in the public relations industry. You can benefit from free access to industry workshops, enabling you to build personal and professional networks while gaining real-world insights and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

Experience two continents with one degree

Murdoch University Dubai, located in the vibrant Dubai Knowledge Park, allows students to start their program in Dubai and seamlessly transfer to the prestigious home campus in Perth, Australia. Embrace the opportunity to explore two unique locations while earning a degree to empower you in your future endeavours. Immerse yourself in vibrant cultures, forge international connections, and broaden your perspectives by choosing Murdoch University Dubai's transfer option to Perth.

Apply now and unleash your academic potential

The journey to a brighter future begins with a single step. Murdoch University Dubai has three intakes - September, January, and May. Discover how expertise meets passion, dreams become a reality, and futures are transformed at Murdoch University Dubai. Secure your place for the September Intake.

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