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After the success of Gulf News’ first webinar on the hybrid model of higher education UAE universities are adopting, the second webinar tackles a topic that’s on the mind of every student – employability.

Although recruiters have always been on the lookout for corporate-ready graduates, they were willing to hire brilliant students and let them learn on the job in earlier times. But in a pandemic, they don’t have the luxury to take on fresh graduates, train and mentor them. They want people who can hit the ground running.

Join Gulf News' second webinar, Employability: Keeping pace with the market needs on July 7 at 5pm, organised by GN Focus, which will have experts from leading UAE universities discuss how they are preparing students for the change.

Participating in the webinar are:

  • Dr Michael Kloep, Head of Careers and Employability Service, Middlesex University
  • Raj Kapoor, Director of Student Recruitment at American University in Dubai
  • Prof. Hossam Hamdy, Chancellor of Gulf Medical University
  • Zawahir Siddique, Head of Blended Learning, Westford University College
  • and Keary Shandler, Programme Coordinator and Faculty for Undergraduate Business, Murdoch University

The workplace is changing at a pace we’ve never experienced before and employers have quickly pivoted to adapt or perish.

Indeed, the job market has changed so quickly, whole industry sectors have disappeared while new functions are flourishing. Find out how to identify and tap into demand for expertise in the hottest new segments.

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Learn what it means to be employable in current times and find out what skills must be among every successful graduate’s competencies on finishing their course. It will also feature expert insights on what the most employable degrees will be this decade.

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We’ll hear about what role internships and work experience will play in the new education environment. How easy will it be to gain practical expertise and mentoring from industry professionals?

Hear about the role of campus counsellors and how to hone job application skills.

If you’re considering enrolling in a degree or continuing your education you can’t afford to miss these insights from the UAE’s top universities.

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