If you’re considering enrolling in a degree or continuing your education you can’t afford to miss these insights from the UAE’s top universities Image Credit: Gulf News


  • The first webinar will look at the future of learning: ‘Reshaping Higher Education: Time for a hybrid model?’ at 5pm on Tuesday, 30 June.
  • The second event: ‘Employability: Keeping pace with the market needs’ will be on 7 July at 5pm.

With methods and modes of education the hot topic on every tertiary student’s mind right now, Gulf News is launching a series of webinars to inform and educate students on the direction it’s taking.

Gulf News’ Education Webinars are must-attend events for any student considering their options for tertiary courses next academic year onwards.

We’ll be joined by senior academic staff from the UAE’s leading universities to help us understand the dynamics of today’s tertiary environment.

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On Tuesday 30 June, at 5pm the first webinar will look at the future of learning, ‘Reshaping Higher Education: Time for a hybrid model?’’

Changing market

Covid-19 has changed the tertiary education landscape, as it has every industry and discipline.

Universities had to swiftly move to virtual teaching, and for students worldwide, distance learning quickly became a familiar and well-accepted norm.

UAE universities adapted quickly, capitalising on the nation’s focus on smart systems in recent years to comprehensively demonstrate their digital readiness.

As the current academic year draws to a close like never before, our attentions are shifting to what’s in store for next year.

As circumstances slowly allow a return to more face-to-face teaching, find out how blended learning will define the future of education. Find out how university admissions have changed. How will collaboration become even more important as there are fewer on-campus activities?

Speaker line-up for first webinar

We’ll be joined by expert speakers from the following institutions:

● Abu Dhabi University

● University of Sharjah

● Canadian University Dubai

● Manipal University

● Amity University

Image Credit: Gulf News

Second webinar on 7 July

The second event, ‘Employability: Keeping pace with the market needs’ on 7 July at 5pm, will feature expert insights on what the most employable degrees will be this decade.

They might surprise you as workplace change is happening at a pace we’ve never experienced before and employers have quickly pivoted to adapt or perish.

Indeed, the job market has changed so quickly, whole industry sectors have disappeared while new functions are flourishing. Find out how to identify and tap into demand for expertise in the hottest new segments.

Learn what it means to be employable in current times and find out what skills must be among every successful graduate’s competencies on finishing their course.

We’ll hear about what role internships and work experience will play in the new education environment. How easy will it be to gain practical expertise and mentoring from industry professionals? Hear about the role of campus counsellors and how to hone job application skills.

Speaker line-up for second webinar

Our expert speakers include representatives from:

● Middlesex University

● Westford University Dubai

● Gulf Medical University

● American University in Dubai

● Murdoch University Dubai 

If you’re considering enrolling in a degree or continuing your education you can’t afford to miss these insights from the UAE’s top universities.

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