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Jebel Ali Village Nursery follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum (EYFS) Image Credit: Supplied

In a society where both parents commonly work to cope with the tough economy, preschools have become a very important asset for parents, ensuring that their child is cared for during their working hours.

Many of the branches of Jebel Ali Village Nursery offer care for children as young as four months to support parents who need to go back to work.

“At Jebel Ali Village Nursery, we follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum (EYFS),” says Shehla Bridle, Founder and Managing Director, Jebel Ali Village Nursery.

“We have chosen the EYFS curriculum specifically, as we live in a transient city and it is easily transferable to all curricula and learning boards across the world. We are proud to be affiliated with major schools across Dubai, with children gaining fast-track acceptance and discounted fees due to our reliable teaching methods and education. A Jebel Ali Village Nursery certificate isn’t just a piece of paper — it’s a ticket to a future of opportunities,” adds Bridle.

Jebel Ali Village Nursery offers a variety of care timings, including afternoon care offered up to 5.30pm, as well as monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly payment plans.

“We have, on many occasions, exceeded the care timing to support parents who are delayed at work,” Bridle says.

“We have often reduced registration fees at the start of each term, while offering parents access to free events and seminars. This is how we give parents more value for their money.”

All branches of Jebel Ali Village Nursery are purpose-built, fitted with safety devices and regularly audited to meet both UAE government and childcare requirements.

“All Jebel Ali Village Nurseries are nut-free to protect children with diagnosed or undiagnosed nut allergies,” she says. “Many of the resources that we use here are home-made, such as our play dough. We create the dough in-house with safe ingredients that you can find in the kitchen.”

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