A gratitude jar. Image Credit: Agency

Himakshi Shastri,

Grade 8, Dubai College

It seems such a shame that more and more people are abandoning traditions in lieu of materialistic pursuits and are more interested in being glued to their screens creating meaningless relationships with faceless people. With modern-day distractions and pressures on time, it is easy to forgo and trivialise family traditions but have we ever considered what we are losing out on? The imbibed values inculcated by simple traditions in life shape you and even your future lineage.

There is no need to believe in aliens because that is exactly what we are - alien to the fact that our world is in danger. Aliens in understanding that we should be saving our environment.

- Himaskhi Shashtri

I am a strong believer in upholding dear and cherished family traditions:

1. Dinner as a family

And definitely no devices allowed! As a household, we believe that we shouldn’t let the things we own end up owning ourselves. We want to encourage dinner time as being a moment of conversation and sharing of ideas rather than a time where we are stuck to our phones.

2) Gratitude jar

Life is filled with ups and downs, and when we are having a bad day, it can be incredibly difficult to find and focus on what is positive. Thus, we have a gratitude jar. Every week, we have to write one thing we are grateful for, and once you review these notes at the end of the year or when upset, trust me, you feel so thankful and happy about the smallest things in life!

3) Making time for our grandparents.

Our grandparents can pass down words of wisdom which can never be learned from any books or encyclopedias. They have seen a lot, done a lot and lived a lot, and by listening to their real-life experiences and journies, we as children can flourish our knowledge thoroughly.

Aren’t these simple things to enjoy? That’s what makes them even more special. They teach me to live in the moment and cherish the wonders of the world... not the “World Wide Web” type of World that all teenagers are glued to but the true world.

Do you believe in aliens?

“There is no need to believe in Aliens because that is exactly what we are - aliens to the fact that our world is in danger. Aliens in understanding that we should be saving our environment. Aliens in taking action towards global warming. Our world is in danger, so let’s not play the alien game; we’ll save that play for the ones in movies.”