The week-long Festival concludes on Saturday night Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Children’s books topped the list of best-sellers at Al Ain Book Festival, followed by novels in second place, then educational, history, and heritage books, according to an opinion poll of a group of publishers participating in the festival.

Organised by the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre (ALC), this year’s event, which ends on Saturday night, offers visitors a diverse array of options that meet their intellectual and cultural preferences, with a chance to acquire some of the key publications in various cultural fields presented by over 150 exhibitors showcasing more than 60,000 distinctive titles.

This year the Festival was held at nine cultural sites Image Credit: Supplied

Commenting on this year’s demand and sales volume, Mira Al Shamsi from Kuttab Publishing said: “Children’s stories have topped the list of best-selling books at our publishing house, followed by Emirati novels and young adult novels. Heritage and history books came next on the list. This clearly reflects the readers’ growing interest in children’s literature to nurture their imagination and understanding.”

Hossam Fathi from Dar Al-Rafidain Printing, Publishing, and Distribution said novels in their various genres have topped the sales list, followed by psychology and self-development books, and then historical and heritage books. Meanwhile, Mohamed Mustafa from Dar Yuhka Ana said children’s educational books topped their best-seller list, followed by youth educational books.

Ahmed Al Ghazali from Dar Ninawa for Studies, Publishing, and Distribution, said novels came out on top of their list of best-selling books, followed by heritage and history books, and then religious books. Lastly, Nuseiba Al Amoush from Dar Sanad Books said children’s stories and educational books topped their sales list, followed by novels, while management, heritage, and history books ranked equally, next on the list.