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Dubai: UAE residents can now register complaints against private medical facilities and their medical and technical staff online.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has launched a new e-service that allows patients to register comments and complaints about private health care facilities and their employees through the website

“The service aims to ensure that health care service providers fulfil their role in accordance with global standards, and within the context of MoHAP’s policy in upgrading E-services, with a view to promoting health system quality and innovating smart solutions, besides the commitment to carrying out quality systems,” the ministry said in a press release on Thursday.

Dr. Hessa Mubarak, director of the Department of Health Empowerment and Compliance, said that the ministry doesn’t accept any shortcomings in terms of providing health care services.

“The ministry is dealing firmly with any shortcomings — if proven — by the private medical facilities and its medical staff, whether doctors or nurses or technicians. Further to that, the ministry is imposing sanctions if those shortcomings or medical errors are confirmed.”

Dr Mubarak also pointed out that number of complaints in the UAE is fewer than the international rates in the developed countries because of the robust requirements and specifications adopted by MoHAP in the event of licensing the private medical facilities.

Supreme Committee

Dr Mubarak further said: “Private medical facilities always undergo a strict and permanent scrutiny, in order to prevent unlicensed doctors from practising and to reduce cases of negligence, shortcomings and medical errors, which can lead to fines and strict actions that include closure of the facility.

Doctors, who commit medical errors, will be punished in accordance with the Medical Liability Law.

“The doctor is referred to committees of medical liability and the Supreme Committee for Medical Liability, which is established by the Health Minister’s resolution or head of the health authority. Those committees comprise experts in various medical specialities, to consider medical complaints about evaluating the medical error.

“Claims for compensation are only accepted after being examined by the committees of the medical liability. The defendant may appeal the committee’s report within 30 days, then the reports will be referred to the Supreme Committee for Medical Liability, which is formed by the cabinet’s resolution,” added Mubarak.

How to lodge a complaint?

1. Go to

2. Create an account

3. Login with your details

4. Submit the complaint

What are the responsibilities of medical practitioners?

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has a strict framework in place for better control over requirements for medical practices.

Article No. 4 of the decree stipulates the following: The doctor must follow the rules, regulations and procedures for practicing the profession according to his degree and field of specialisation.

The doctor has to record the health status of the patient and his/her personal and family history prior to initiating diagnosis and treatment; and use the necessary diagnostic and medical devices in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with all due diligence and according to the accepted scientific principles.

Apart from explaining the various treatment options to patients, the law also requires the doctor to offer a thorough description of the treatment, the dose, and the method of use, in a clearly written statement with the name and signature of the practitioner, and the date of the prescription.

The same should be explained to the patient or his caregiver. The patient or the caregiver must also be notified about the nature of the disease, its level, and this depends on the psychological status of the patient.

The patient’s caregivers are required to be informed should the patient be unable to understand, due to poor condition. A patient or his guardian must be informed about any complications that can occur as a result of the treatment or surgery he or she will undergo, with the ways to treat it.