A car breaks down on the road
A car breaks down on the road Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Police have urged motorists to check their vehicles before they hit the road to prevent traffic jams.

Colonel Jumaa Salem Bin Suwaidan, Deputy Director of Traffic Department at Dubai Police, said earlier in the week that many vehicular breakdowns had been reported on the roads because drivers had not checked their cars for tyre health or mechanic failures.

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“Drivers should check the vehicle condition before sitting behind the wheel to avoid breakdowns in middle of the road as it causes traffic accidents,” said Col Bin Suwaidan in a statement.

He pointed that traffic accidents happen on the roads earlier in the week because of sudden vehicular breakdowns.

“Police patrols always step in to help and provide assistance to drivers to secure the roads, move the cars away and make sure the lives of other road users are protected,” added Col Bin Suwaidan.

Most common breakdown causes

Faulty battery

Damaged tyres or wheel

Electrical problem

Keys and alarms


Clutch cables on manual vehicles