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Dubai Police Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Dubai Police have helped a family with a 13-year-old boy who suffered infantile spasms, an official said.

According to Major Dr Ali Mohammad Al Matroushi, Director of Woman and Child Protection Section at the Human Rights Department in Dubai Police, the family staying in Sharjah and was visiting Dubai every week for treatment to their child.

A police patrol spotted the father driving with his son whose behaviour in the car did not seem quite normal.

“The officers stopped the father who claimed that his son has a disease causing spasms and that he was struggling to control the child while driving to receive treatment in Dubai,” said Maj Al Matroushi.

Although a Sharjah resident, the father’s residency and health insurance were issued from Dubai.

Upon learning the details of the case, the police provided aid to the man and his son, by arranging treatment for the child close to his home in Sharjah itself.

Dubai Police is keen to provide support in all such humanitarian cases, Major Al Matroushi added.