Al Ameen Service from Dubai Police is bringing big names in online gaming and metaverse along with experts dealing with cybercrime and security risks of online games. Photo for illustrative purpose only Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: In a first-of-its-kind initiative, the Al Ameen Service from Dubai Police is bringing big names in online gaming and metaverse along with experts dealing with cybercrime and psychology at a forum to discuss challenges and security risks of online games.

Dubai Police Al Ameen Service provides safe and confidential communication channels to citizens, residents and visitors to solve problems in the society. It also raises awareness about various online crimes. The Service is holding the Al Ameen Forum at the Museum of the Future on September 19, as part of its efforts to protect children and teens from the dangers and risks related to online gaming.

Organised under the theme “Challenges and Security Risks of Online Gaming”, the forum will highlight the risks posed by online gaming platforms and the level of cooperation that relevant security authorities and game developers must achieve to ensure early detection of risks and limit them. Apart from enhancing the security efforts with game developers, the forum will seek to identify the security gaps and means of future development as well as reduce cybercrimes on online gaming platforms.

Who will attend

Big names like Herve Larren, founder and CEO of metaverse company, Luca Lamberti. CEO of 99Starz, that offers blockchain gaming ecosystem, have been invited to speak at the forum.

Dr Marwan Alzarouni, CEO of Dubai Blockchain Centre and Dr Noah Raford, chief of Global Affairs at the Dubai Future Foundation will also join the panel that will include Col. Saeed Al-Hajri, director of the Cyber Crime Department at Dubai Police and educational psychologist Dr Nadia Buhannad.

Detecting risks of online gaming

Speaking to Gulf News ahead of the forum, Dr Nadia Buhannad said the forum aims to raise awareness among families and community members about online gaming, and discuss ways of detecting risks and the role of parents in preventing the occurrence of violent behaviours as well as cybercrimes.

“It will bring together developers of the gaming platforms and experts in security and psychology. Through these experts, the forum aims to raise better awareness about the risks associated with online games and also pave the way for collaborations between different parties for early detection and elimination of such risks,” she said.

How to contact

Al Ameen Service said it is keen to strengthen its communication with the public via various channels, including its social media platforms @alameenservice and its hotline 8004444.