How to prevent getting infected with Covid-19 when ordering food delivery
Municipality advice includes how to safely deliver and receive food Image Credit: iStock photo

Dubai: Dubai Municipality has organised a number of social media campaigns and consumer contests to remotely boost food safety awareness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These campaigns targeted consumers as well as food establishments to ensure commitment to the application of safe and hygienic practices during handling and preparing food at home and in food establishments, the civic body said on Wednesday.

The campaign highlighted the most important information to ensure food safety for the consumer, starting from safe shopping trips to proper methods of storing food and preparing it at home.

Also, advice was provided on ordering food and food products through smart apps, including foods prepared in restaurants or food products from grocery stores and electronic stores.

Training for reopening

Dubai Municipality has also issued a list of requirements for food delivery services through the temporary guide for food establishments in the emirate, to ensure community safety and awareness and training of workers in those establishments.

The managements of these companies and their employees have been trained in the necessary controls to ensure the application of food safety and public health standards during the food delivery process, the municipality said.

The training included organising a number of sessions remotely for more than 550 food establishments using electronic means, to clarify all requirements and conditions for workers.

These training sessions will continue to ensure the readiness of these establishments to obtain the permits needed to restart in order to ensure the safety of consumers.