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Restaurants must ensure tables are two metres apart or introduce temporary isolators Image Credit: For illustrative purpose only

Dubai: Dubai Municipality has amended the COVID-19 protocols for restarants, cafes and other food establishments in the city to ensure greater safety of the public amid the pandemic.

The authority has said in a tweet, “#DubaiMunicipality amended the protocol and guidelines in Circular 45 for food establishments in a manner that ensures everyone’s safety and meets their entertainment needs.”

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According to the new guidelines, restaurants and cafes must ensure that the mask mandates and social distancing protocols are followed by customers, irrespective of the nature of the group they are in, namely from the same family or otherwise.

The outlets have also been told restrict the number of people in each group to eight individuals per table in a general restaurant and five individuals per table in the case of a shisha cafe.

It is also binding on the outlts to ensure visitors wear face masks at all times, except while eating.
They should also have a defined social distace plan by keeping tables two metres apart from each other or by introducing temporary isolators.