Pak mum mountaineering records
Dubai-based Pakistani mum has achieved an unparalleled feat by breaking three records in a single day Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: After setting two records in mountaineering in a single day earlier this month, Dubai resident and mum of two young children, Naila Kiani, has scaled new heights in mountaineering once again.

This time, she has achieved an unparalleled feat by breaking three records in a single day.

Breaking barriers pak mum
Breaking barriers: Dubai-based Pakistani mum breaks mountaineering records Image Credit: Supplied

At 2am local time (1am GST) on Thursday, July 20, Naila summitted Broad Peak which stands at 8,051m on the border of Pakistan and China, her family has announced.

Thus, Naila became the first Pakistani woman to summit all five 8000m+ mountains in Pakistan, the first Pakistani woman to summit eight out of 14 mountains with over 8000m height above sea level, and the first Pakistani woman to summit Broad Peak.

The first record shattered by Naila is a groundbreaking achievement. She has become the first Pakistani woman to summit all Eight-Thousanders in Pakistan, a feat that requires unparalleled skill, endurance, and courage.

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The mountains of Pakistan hold a special place in the hearts of climbers worldwide, and Naila has not only summitted all of the 8,000m+ Pakistani mountains, but has also paved the way for future generations to follow in not only her footsteps in mountaineering but also in the pursuit of their dreams.

In addition to this extraordinary accomplishment, Naila has also become the first Pakistani woman to summit eight 8000ers. Standing tall on the summits of these majestic peaks, she has proven that gender and motherhood are not barriers to reaching great heights.


Her success has shattered stereotypes and inspired countless individuals, both within Pakistan, the UAE and around the globe, to believe in their own limitless potential.

Furthermore, Naila’s ascent of Broad Peak has made her the first Pakistani woman to conquer this formidable mountain that ranks 12th highest in the world. Known for its treacherous terrain and extreme weather conditions, Broad Peak is a true testament to the indomitable spirit of mountaineers. Naila’s triumph on this peak has placed her among the elite few who have dared to challenge its icy slopes and reach its summit.

Embracing Dubai’s spirit

Naila has been residing in Dubai for eight years. She has not only embraced the city’s vibrant atmosphere but has also become an embodiment of its spirit of ambition and determination.

Her journey to summit the world’s highest peaks is a testament to her steel-like dedication and the support she has received from her family, her sponsor Bard Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation in Pakistan, and the Dubai community.

Naila’s accomplishments in mountaineering highlight Dubai as a city that nurtures and supports individuals in their pursuit of extraordinary achievements. She is also happy that the city of Dubai takes immense pride in her extraordinary achievements.

Her relentless pursuit of excellence and her perseverance to achieve her goals have inspired not only the residents of Dubai but also individuals from diverse backgrounds worldwide.


Breaking down barriers

Having embarked on her mountaineering journey in 2021, leaving behind her six-month-old baby and two-year-old toddler in the hands of her husband Khalid Raja, she hopes to break down barriers and encourage women to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

Her family said Naila’s feat is a testament to her resilience and strength, breaking barriers and defying expectations in a male-dominated field. “Her achievements will undoubtedly encourage more women to pursue their dreams fearlessly and overcome any obstacle that stands in their way.”

“Naila continues to set new records and push the boundaries of human potential, she remains an exemplary representative of Dubai’s vibrant community. Her name will forever be associated with the city and will serve as a symbol of inspiration for residents and citizens alike,” the family added in a statement.