Some people leave their cars unattended with engine running on the roadside Image Credit: Gulf News archieves

Dubai: Police have advised motorists not to leave cars with engines running as it can lead to car theft.

In a tweet on Monday morning, Dubai Police have reminded motorists that they could be target of car thieves if they leave their car unattended with engine running. “Dear Driver, do not be an easy target for car thieves. Never leave the engine running while your vehicle is unattended,” Dubai Police tweeted.

Leaving vehicles with engine running will also lead to a Dh300 fine, police reminded motorists. Many motorists tend to leave their cars unattended and unlocked with engine running especially during summer months. They tend to do so specially when they go to an ATM machine in front of banks or to go to roadside grocery shops or pick up food from restaurants.

How to prevent car thefts and break-ins

Never leave the vehicle while the engine is on, even for a few minutes

Do not leave the car doors unlocked

Do not leave the vehicle parked in dark, unlit areas over night

Avoid parking in remote places or sandy areas for long periods

Never leave valuables exposed in the car

Always park your car in well-lit and safe places that are monitored by CCTV cameras

Invest in a car alarm