They hadn't met after he left their home country six years ago in search of work, only to later get involved in financial issues leading to his imprisonment Image Credit: Dubai Police

Dubai: In a surprise visit on her birthday, a young woman has met her father, who is incarcerated in Dubai Central Jail, after six years of separation.

Dubai Police fulfilled the wish of the young woman to see her father.

Brigadier Marwan Abdulkarim Jalfar, Director of the General Department of Punitive and Correctional Establishments, said Dubai Police had received a call from the young woman after her arrival to the UAE, expressing her wish to visit her father on her birthday.

“She hadn’t seen him since he left their home country six years ago in search of work, only to later get involved in financial issues leading to his imprisonment,” Brig Jalfar said.

Brig Jalfar pointed out that in-person inmate visits have been halted since the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The General Department of Punitive and Correctional Establishments transitioned to visual communication methods, enabling inmates to connect with their families, whether inside or outside the country. This approach is considered safer, helping maintain a disease-free prison environment,” he explained.

Humanitarian gesture

Reaffirming Dubai Police’s commitment, Brigadier Jalfar emphasised that they are always eager to meet all requests from the inmates and their families within the confines of the law. He pointed out that such humanitarian initiatives are integral to the Department’s work.

“These actions significantly impact the inmates’ mental well-being, encouraging them to make better choices in rehabilitation, training, and employment, thereby preparing them for future societal integration.”

Surprise visit

Major Abdullah Ahli, Acting Director of the Dubai Central Jail, explained that the inmate was unaware of his daughter’s surprise visit.

“The father, who had left his home country and family to work in Dubai but ended up imprisoned due to financial troubles, hadn’t seen his daughter since then. She recently arrived in the UAE with her family, contacted Dubai Police, and requested to see her father on her birthday,” Maj Ahil said.

He explained that Dubai Central Jail made special arrangements to celebrate the birthday and surprise the inmate.

The inmate and his family extended their gratitude to Dubai Police for their care, swift response, and the efforts of all male and female officers, enabling this reunion after so many years.