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Dubai: Dubai Police recently demonstrated another act of compassion by caring for the children of a widowed inmate until she is released. The mother, concerned that her children would be separated by social care institutions due to their different ages, had initially kept quiet about her children being home alone without care, electricity, or water for weeks.

Brigadier Marwan Abdul Karim Julfar, director of the General Department of Punitive and Correctional Establishments, said the women’s prison had received an inmate whose case is still pending in court.

Brigadier Marwan Abdul Karim Julfar

“At first, the woman chose not to mention about her children, but later, she opened up to our officers and expressed her concern about her three children being left alone in their flat, without water, electricity, a breadwinner or guardian,” he added.

“Waiting for her wage arrears, the widow had gone through financial distress and failed to pay the due rent and utility bills.”

He pointed out that the mother hid the fact that she had left her three children (aged nine, 12, and 15) alone at home, hoping she would be released within a few days to appeal her pending case.

“The inmate did not worry at first because she had asked a friend to look after the children and visit them from time to time until she is released.”

Brig Julfar confirmed that, in coordination with the Child Rights Protection Department of the Sharjah Social Services Department, they ensured the three children were not separated as per the mother’s wish.

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Foster mum steps in

“The best solution was to find a foster family to receive them until the inmate is released from the prison. A Dubai Police female employee stepped in to embrace and care for the children until their mother is released. Meanwhile, our Humanitarian Care Department ensured the three children receive monthly expense payments and settled all overdue rent and utility bills,” he explained.

Colonel Jamila Al Zaabi

Colonel Jamila Al Zaabi, director of the Women’s Prison in Dubai, reaffirmed their keenness to embrace and support inmates until they serve their sentence and go back to the society and contribute to its progress and peace. She pointed out that the Punitive and Correctional Establishments’ objective is also to help inmates start afresh by enrolling them in different rehabilitation, education, sports, cultural and religious programmes.

“Once the inmate told us that she had left her children alone at home, we immediately contacted the Child Rights Protection Department of the Sharjah Social Services Department, who showed a high level of cooperation towards ensuring the children’s best interest. We agreed that a foster family would receive the children legally and take care of them until their mother is released,” said Col Jamila.

She confirmed that the three children are living together in good health and are in regular contact with their mother.

The inmate could not hold back her tears and extended her thanks to Dubai Police for their support and efforts to embrace her children and put a smile on their faces.