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Sharjah: A number of youths were arrested on Friday for being involved in a clash involving a gun and some bladed weapon in Khor Fakkan that resulted in several injuries.

According to police, daggers, meat cleavers, a gun and other sharp tools were used in the clash which took place early Friday.

“The fight was over old disputes they could not settle amicably among themselves," police told Gulf News.

The youths came from two groups, police said, adding tht the fighting started after one man from the first group insulted another from the second group. A heated argument then ensued between them.

One of the suspects carrying a cleaver attacked several men with it, while another suspect who was carrying a gun fired shots. Two men suffered gunshot wounds, police said.

Those injured were rushed to the ICU of Khor Fakkan  Hospital, an official at Sharjah Police’s Eastern Region said.

The rest of the suspects fled the scene, leaving their injured compatriots lying on the ground, a police official said.

Eyewitnesses reported the incident to the police.

Brig. Saif Ziri Al Shamisi, commander in chief of Sharjah Police, instructed his men to arrest all the suspects involved in the fight. The police team rounded up all the suspects on Friday.

Some of those who were arrested already have previous criminal records, police said.


The suspects told police the fight was a result of personal disputes between the two groups.

A police investigation is on to reveal the circumstances surrounding the fight and the weapons in the young men’s possession.

Brig. Al Shamisi said that Sharjah Police will not tolerate anyone involved in abusing, selling or fighting with such weapons.

“Such illegal practices are weird to the UAE community and have nothing to do with our peaceful customs and traditions,” he said, urging young men to be more tolerant and patient -- and settle their disputes with others in amicably. 

Brig Al Shamisi indicated that more precautionary measures have been taken to curb such phenomenon.

“Security patrols, CID men, and undercover agents have been deployed at youth gatherings, sports halls and entertainment venues to enhance security and order in the emirate.”