Dubai: Three men have been jailed for one year each for stealing electric cables worth Dh13,000 from an unguarded warehouse.

Dubai Police apprehended the Pakistani trio, a 32-year-old clerk, a 34-year-old porter and a 38-year-old storekeeper, when they were suspiciously driving around carrying an iron cutter in front of a compound of warehouses at Al Qouz Industrial area in June 2015.

Two months prior to that a Syrian manager had reported that his unguarded warehouse in Ras Al Khor was burgled, records said.

On Sunday, the Dubai Court of First Instance jailed the Pakistani trio for one year each after convicting them of breaking into the Syrian’s warehouse and stealing electric cables.

According to the charges, the trio were accused of using a screwdriver to pick the locks of the warehouse at night and stealing the cables that belonged to an electromechanical company in April 2015.

“The three accused will be deported after serving their punishments,” said presiding judge Mohammad Jamal in courtroom three on Sunday.

Records did not mention why the defendants, who were apprehended in June 2015, were tried referred to the primary court in May 2018.

The Syrian victim testified that the burglars broke into the warehouse and stole different types of electric cables.

A policeman said to prosecutors: “The trio were stopped carrying an iron cutter in June 2015 as we suspected them for roaming around warehouses at 11.45pm. We seized the iron cutter and when we asked them what they were doing in that area at night and what was the cause for carrying the iron cutter … they alleged that they had been searching for warehouses to break in and steal electric cables. We apprehended them after doubting that they had been involved in a series of complaints about break-ins and cables’ robberies. They were taken into custody for being wanted in another burglary and forwarded to the prosecution. During questioning, the defendants alleged that they used to sell the stole cables and share the proceeds.”

The primary ruling remains subject to appeal within 15 days.