Dubai: A German stewardess claimed in court yesterday that she was offered sweets stuffed with hashish, involuntarily, when she denied the charge of consuming hashish.

"I am not guilty… I didn't take drugs voluntarily. It happened beyond my willpower and control," argued the 24-year-old German stewardess when she firmly dismissed the charge of consuming drugs before the Dubai Court of First Instance. According to the chargesheet, prosecutors accused 24-year-old A.E. with consuming hashish.

Meanwhile her lawyer Salem Al Sha'ali contended before the court that his client did not know that the sweets, which she was offered by an Indian man, contained hashish. "My client is a claimant and not a defendant in this case. She is the one who reported the police that she was drugged. What factually happened is that my client's driver dropped her at a hotel in Dubai. She met some people at the hotel where the Indian person offered her sweets. She felt dizzy and uncomfortable immediately after she ate the sweet. So she called up her friend and informed what happened and how she felt… the friend advised her to rush to a hospital," defended Al Sha'ali when he addressed Presiding Judge Mohammad Majed Mohammad.

"Following check ups, doctors informed her that tetra-hydro canabinol appeared in her blood tests. She requested to call the police and inform them what the Indian man did to her." Presiding Judge Mohammad refused to bail A.E. and adjourned the case to next month.