A mobile station of Sharjah Police. A Crime Prevention Team has been doing the rounds of the emirate to zero in on suspects and bring down the crime rate. Image Credit: Courtesy: Sharjah Police

Sharjah: Sharjah Police’s pilot mobile station in Al Nahda is proving to be a huge success.

Lieutenant Colonel Abdullah Salem Al Naqbi, acting director of Wasit Police Station and director of the Mobile Police Station in Al Nahda, said the 24-hour station under the Safe Neighbourhoods initiative can be accessed by dialling 0569995585 to make complaints.

He said ever since the project was launched 100 days ago, Sharjah’s Al Nahda had not recorded any serious crimes as the police could act swiftly on complaints, foil a number of thefts and even rescue a little boy who was left alone in a car.

He said traffic patrols have also been intensified in the area to enhance security with cameras being connected with the police operation room. A “Crime Preventive Team” has also been doing the rounds to zero in on suspects and bring down the crime rate.

Major General Saif AlZiri Al Shamsi, commander-in-chief of Sharjah Police, stressed that such initiatives launched by the leadership come within the ambit of the National Agenda 2021and government accelerators programme approved by the Ministry of Interior. The aim is to combat serious crimes, reduce the number of deaths due to traffic accidents, increase the sense of safety and security within communities, boost the reliability index of police services, ensure quick response in emergencies and make Sharjah the safest city in the world.

Lt Col. Al Naqbi said the area around Al Nahda Park in Sharjah where the pilot mobile station was launched was considered a “hot” zone as several negative phenomena were being reported. But the mobile police, who worked according to a specific plan, could monitor suspicious actvities in both residential and commercial places and act upon them. Besides thefts, the police dealt with cases of people slepping in public spaces like mosques, vehicle destruction, martial disputes and financial disputes. Many of these cases were resolved by the police and legal action initiated where necessary.

The community can feel the difference and is extremely grateful to the police.

A seven-year-old Filipina girl recently visited the station with her mother and handed over a letter which read: “Dear Sir...Thank you for your service...Thank you for keeping our place always safe...Celine.”

More mobile stations will be launched in select “hot” zones of the city to ensure greater safety. The next area for the launch of the mobile station will be announced by the police shortly.

Major cases dealt with by Al Nahda Mobile Station so far:

■ Seizure of six bicycles to carry out thefts

■ Prevention of several thefts

■ Rescue of a five-year-old Asian boy after his mother left him alone in the car and went shopping

■ Determining the cause of death of an Asian man in an under-construction building. The mobile police who saw flames emanting from the building rushed to the spot and tried to rescue the man. He later died of severe burns, but not before he confessed it was a suicide, thus helping the police establish the real cause behind his death and cut short the investigations.

■ Arrest of an African man who under the influence of alcohol had been harassing women and trying to steal their belongings on the street. After receiving complaints from two women, a Filipina and an Indian, the mobile police patrol acted quickly, arrested the man and referred him to public prosecution.