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Dubai: A security guard attacked and sexually abused his female colleague, and when she called police his friend threatened to kill her, a court heard on Tuesday.

The Pakistani woman, who works as a security guard, went to use the bathroom in her shared accommodation in Al Rashidiya in March of this year, when the 28-year-old Pakistani defendant sexually abused her.

“He pushed me to enter the bathroom and I pushed him away,” she said. “He said that he wanted to have sex with me and punched and choked me. I started shouting for help and another resident in the house heard me and came out of his room to help. The defendant was under the influence of alcohol,” she added.

The victim called Dubai Police who came and arrested the defendant.

While the defendant was taken away in a police car, his fellow countryman came and drunkenly threatened to kill the woman because she had called police and got his friend arrested.

“His friend was also drunk and he insulted me and my family,” said the victim. “He also insulted the witness who came to help me during the attack. I called police again who arrived and arrested the friend,” she added.

A policeman said that as he was putting the first defendant in the police car, he heard the victim yelling for help. He went inside and arrested the second defendant.

“He cursed me and my colleagues and resisted arrest as we tried to get him into the police car,” the policeman said.

The first defendant was charged with sexually and physically assaulting his countrywoman, while the 25-year-old second defendant was charged with resisting arrest, assaulting officers and issuing threats and insults.

Both Pakistani defendants were also charged with consuming alcohol.

Their plea was behind closed doors at Dubai Court of First Instance.

A verdict will be heard on May 28.