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Dubai: In light of the gruesome murder of eight-year-old Obaida Ebrahim Al Aqrabawi – who was abducted and killed by a 48-year-old man – Dubai Police have launched a safety awareness campaign aimed at children.

A 17-second video was posted online by Dubai Police on Wednesday, warning young children to say no when an older child wants to accompany them into the bathroom stall.

Two sets of cartoons have been launched since May 31, presenting children with various settings that they may find themselves in.  The animated videos emphasise the risks when talking to strangers.  

The videos come at a crucial point in time, as the aftermath of the tragic murder has left the community worried over their children’s safety.  

According to Gulf News reports, Obaida’s lifeless body was found under a tree in Al Warqa area near the Academic City road, on May 22. Obaida was reported missing outside his father’s garage in Sharjah’s Industrial area at 6pm on May 20.  

During the investigation, police discovered that the murderer was an acquaintance of the father, who had also attempted to sexually assault the boy, before strangling him to death.

The Sharjah Consultative Council has already assigned a lawyer for the family, and the public prosecution is expected to refer the case to court by next week.  

In the 15-second video, a young boy is approached outside a school while waiting to get picked up.

The video continues with a car pulling up with a stranger, asking the boy to enter his car, but the child refuses. When the stranger insists, the child screams for the police and the car speeds away.

The cartoon ends with the Dubai Police Ambassador of Child Protection, Mohammed Ahmed Jaber, saying: “Say no to strangers”.