Image Credit: Youtube video grab

Abu Dhabi: A video published by Abu Dhabi police showed dramatic moments that took place during and after the mall toilet murder which claimed the life of an American school teacher in the capital.

Shaikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, announced on Thursday the arrest of the face-covered suspect seen behind the grisly murder.

The six-minute video opened with footage taken by the mall’s CCTV cameras: the fully-covered suspect getting away from the scene.

Video panned to the murder weapon, a kitchen knife, and a trail of bloodstains on the toilet tiles inside Abu Dhabi's Boutique Mall where the American teacher was killed.

Some people seemed to try to get a hold of the woman as she fled the scene through the lift. At 14:45, footage shows her – alone, but not in a great hurry -- getting out the lift towards the parking lot.

The suspect then drove her white 4x4 vehicle draped in UAE flag to hide the plate number. Shortly after the toilet attack, she was seen planting a home-made bomb in the house of an American doctor, according to Shaikh Saif.

A team of police commandos get a briefing before they stormed a posh villa where a white luxury sedan sits in front of the main entrance of a compound where a water fountain can also be seen.

The time stamp on the video is 9:50pm on December 2.

As the raiding team searched the entire house, they also found the 4x4 vehicle used by the suspect, whose plate number was still covered with the four colours of the UAE flag.

Blood stains can still be seen on the steering wheel. Black bags and what appears to be crude bomb-making material were also found in the suspect’s possession -- along with batteries, chemicals, a petrol jerry can, safety matches and two-way radios.