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Dubai: A woman who dumped her dead newborn baby in a garbage bin in Dubai after having illegal affair, was sentenced to six months in jail, a Dubai court heard on Thursday.

The 35-year-old Filipina had sex outside of wedlock with two unknown people before delivering the dead baby and dumping its body in the bin with the help of two men in June of this year.

Dubai Police were alerted to the body of a newborn child found in a bin in the Al Barahah area of Deira.

They identified a 38-year-old Pakistani man who dumped the body and apprehended him two days later.

“He admitted that the mother and her Filipina friend gave him the dead baby wrapped in clothes inside a plastic bag, and he then rode to Deira on his motorbike for a delivery, saw a large bin, threw the bag and left,” said a policeman.

The mother and her 50-year-old Filipina friend were then arrested.

The child’s mother admitted that the baby was conceived out of wedlock after she had consensual sex with a man, who has not yet been identified.

“Two women helped me deliver the baby inside my room in Al Satwa. After giving birth to a dead child, I planned to dump the baby with the help of the third defendant,” she said.

“My friend cleaned the baby, put it in a bag and handed it over to the third defendant.”

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the three defendants with hiding and unlawfully disposing of the baby’s body and failing to report the crime to authorities. The Filipina friend and the Pakistani man were each sentenced to three months in jail

The child’s mother was charged with having sex outside of wedlock.

Both Filipina defendants were additionally sentenced to one month in jail for overstaying after their visas expired.

All Three defendants will be deported after serving their jail terms.