Dubai: A mechanic, who mistook a secretary for a masseuse and caressed her back for seconds before telling her he needed a massage, has been accused of molestation.

The 38-year-old Filipina secretary was in the lift of the building where she lives and was going up to her residence at Dubai International City in May.

Once the lift door opened on the third floor, the Filipina waited for the 23-year-old Egyptian mechanic to walk out ahead of her, according to records, before she took the lead as he waited.

As soon as she exited the lift, the Egyptian man walked behind her, put his hand on her posterior and caressed it for a few seconds before the Filipina turned around and scolded him.

After being shouted at, the mechanic apologised to the Filipina and stepped back into the lift that descended to the second floor. The secretary reported the matter to the police who apprehended the mechanic in a sting operation in Ras Al Khor area after identifying him from the building’s CCTV cameras.

Prosecutors charged the Egyptian suspect with molesting the secretary.

The suspect denied the charge when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

“I did not touch her …,” he told the court.

The Filipina claimed to prosecutors that the incident happened at 1.30am in the building where she lives.

“We were both present in the elevator. Once the lift door opened, I waited for him to leave but he stood there waiting … so I stepped out. Once I reached the door, he put his hand on my posterior and rubbed it for a few seconds. I stared at him angrily and shouted … he immediately apologised and told me that he wanted a massage. When the lift went down to the second floor, I assumed that he must be a neighbour,” she testified to prosecutors.

A police officer claimed to prosecutors that they were reported about a molestation incident to have happened in the Italian Cluster at the International City.

“We identified the suspect from the CCTV cameras … he was apprehended in a sting operation four days later. When questioned, the suspect admitted that he grabbed the Filipina’s posterior when they were in the building,” he testified prosecutors.

A ruling will be heard on July 25.