CCTV footage of the thief in women's clothing
CCTV footage of the thief in women's clothing Image Credit: Dubai Police

Dubai: Dubai Police have arrested an Asian thief who posed as a woman, wearing an abaya and niqab, to steal Dh227,000 from his company, an official said on Saturday.

Brigadier Tarik Tahlak, Director of Naif Police station, said that the thief was arrested and money recovered after four hours of receiving the emergency call.

“A team of officers traced the thief and checked surveillance cameras. The thief was wearing Niqab and used tissues to open the drawers inside the company in the Naif area of Dubai. He left no fingerprints or evidence,” said Brig Tahlak said in statement.

Thief with the Dh227,000 he stole from a company in Naif
Thief with the Dh227,000 he stole from a company in Naif Image Credit: Dubai Police

The suspect stole Dh146,000 and US$22,000 from the company.

Police discovered that the thief didn’t break the company’s door and security cameras couldn’t identify his face as he was wearing Niqab.

“We were sure that it was an inside job. We investigated the company’s employees and analysed the thief’s body language. We knew it was a man not a woman,” Brig Tahlak added.

Police identified the Asian thief through his body language and style of walk after matching it with the clips from security cameras in the area.

Police recovered the full amount of cash within four hours. The suspect has been referred to prosecution.

The company owner visited Naif police station and expressed his sincere gratitude for Dubai Police’s swift and fast response to his report.

He said that he is living in Dubai for many years and always feels safe and secure in the country.