Dubai A driver was taken by surprise when his girlfriend's sponsor caught him hiding in a wardrobe after the couple were interrupted having sex.

The 40-year-old Pakistani driver was caught hiding inside the wardrobe of his 40-year-old Filipina girlfriend, a housemaid, after her Emirati sponsor banged on the door while the couple were in bed together.

The Dubai Misdemeanour Court Monday handed both the driver, A.R., and the housemaid, R.Z., three-month jail sentences after they confessed to having consensual sex.

Aiding and abetting

Prosecutors accused R.Z. and A.R. of having sex out of wedlock. A.R. was charged with getting drunk and trespassing into the sponsor's villa in Al Barsha. R.Z. was charged with aiding and abetting the driver to trespass into her sponsor's villa. Pronouncing the primary judgement from the first hearing Presiding Judge Rifaat Tolba Othman also gave A.R. an additional month in jail for trespassing. The couple will be deported after serving their jail terms.

Police records said the 30-year-old sponsor, G.M., caught the defendants having sex in the housemaid's room.

"I heard a knock at the door around 2am. I thought that it must be my brother, but the latter turned out to be sitting in his bedroom.

"When I saw my brother, he said that he suspected that a stranger had come into our house because he had spotted a strange car parked in front of our main door. I rushed to R.Z.'s room and knocked on the door… she refused to open it although I knocked several times.


"Then she popped her head out of the window and told me that she wouldn't open it. I woke up my mother and we went back to R.Z.'s bedroom. Then my mom knocked on the door and the housemaid opened it immediately. I was surprised when I found the driver hiding inside the closet. Our housemaid was half naked," G.M. said during police interrogation.

Prosecution records said A.R. pushed G.M's mother out of his way and attempted to run out of the room. G.M.'s brother restrained him and kept hold of him until police came and arrested the couple.