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Conmen often ask personal details 'for verification' from their victims before scamming them out of their money Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Dubai Police on Saturday shared tips on how to stay safe from falling victim to online scams.

The force shared four tips in a tweet, including being wary of offers that sound too good to be true. Criminals sometimes send emails and messages or make calls claiming the receiver has won a prize before asking them to share personal details “for verification”. These details are then used by criminals to commit identity theft and financial fraud.

To raise awareness, Dubai Police shared these tips:

1. Do not disclose your personal information:

Be careful when receiving suspicious calls or messages asking for personal information. Government officials, including Dubai Police, will not ask for any personal details.

2. Do not disclose you bank information:

Do not give away personal information, especially bank details, OTP or CVV codes, expiry dates, etc. Do not click on unknown links.

3. Do not accept attractive offers:

Be careful of offers that sound too good to be true. Criminals can fake identities and trick you into believing you have won something or got a good deal.

4. Report e-crime:

If your information has been stolen, report it immediately to Dubai Police through its app,, nearest SPS or call 901.

Dubai Police routinely send alerts and reminders on online security practices that residents should follow.