Hit-and-run incident
The vehicle involved in the hit-and-run incident. Image Credit: Dubai Police | Supplied

Dubai : With remarkable efficiency, the Dubai Police swiftly apprehended a 24-year-old Asian driver involved in a hit-and-run accident within less than three hours.

The incident resulted in severe injuries to a 27-year-old Asian man who was left behind as the driver fled the scene in an attempt to escape from the country in a desperate bid to avoid responsbility.

The injured victim was promptly transported to Rashid Hospital for urgent medical care.

Regarding the incident’s details, Colonel Abdel Moneim Abdel Rahman Muhammed, Acting Director of Bur Dubai Police Station, said the Command and Control Room received a tip-off last Sunday at 10:00 pm, stating that a hit-and-run accident had occurred in the Al Quoz Industrial Area, resulting in severe injuries to an individual, and the responsible party fled the scene.

Police patrols were dispatched to the accident site to assess the situation and take necessary measures.

“Upon investigation, it was found that the young Asian man was crossing a side street when he was struck by a vehicle, and the driver fled the scene”, Col. Abdel Moneim saidSpecialised teams immediately initiated intensive search efforts. “Within an hour, they successfully located the vehicle involved in the collision abandoned with visible signs of impact. The suspect was placed on the wanted list and apprehended in less than 3 hours while attempting to flee the country,” Col. Abdel Moneim continued.

He also emphasised that one of the main factors of pedestrian collision accidents is the improper crossing of pedestrians from non-designated areas, indicating the lack of responsibility exhibited by drivers who fail to prioritide pedestrians and flee the accident scene.

“These acts constitute two criminal offenses punishable by law,” he said.