20200714 dubai court
The Dubai Courts. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: The Dubai Court of Appeal has overturned a six-year jail sentence for a Bangladeshi worker over attempted murder after he stabbed his countryman during a heated argument.

The Appeal Court reduced the sentence handed out by the Dubai Court of First Instance to six months.

According to official records, the 29-year-old Bangladeshi defendant fought with another expat from his country. Witnesses saw the incident in the Ras Al Khor area and alerted Dubai Police.

Testimony of witness

A 40-year-old Pakistani witness, who was at a nearby mosque, testified that around 7:30am, he saw the defendant hiding under the stairs of a building. He was followed by the victim and the duo had a heated argument.

“They slapped each other and also used brooms in their fight. The victim hit the defendant on his head with his broom, at which his nose started bleeding. Many other residents gathered and tried to take a knife from his hand,” the witness said, according to official records.

The defendant stabbed the victim with the knife and escaped. Records did not disclose the reason behind the fight.

The latest verdict will be subject for appeal to the Cassation Court within 30 days.