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UAE reported its first recovery of a coronavirus case Image Credit: WAM/Twitter

Dubai: UAE reported its first recovery of a coronavirus case. The 73-year old Chinese citizen, Liu Yujia, is fully recovered and healthy.

The Chinese Consul General praised the efficiency of the UAE's Ministry of Health and Prevention which helped in the quick and effective recovery of Yujia. Yujia, who was being treated at an isolation ward since January 23, has "recovered fully and can carry on with life normally."

The Chinese national expressed her thanks and appreciation to the UAE for the great care and medical attention she received. Yujia went on to say that she is thankful for the care provided by the UAE's healthcare authorities to her family members as well who were also tested positive for the new coronavirus.

"I would like to thank the Consul General of China and the representative of UAE's Ministry of Health for their visit," she added.

Consul-General Zuhang told WAM that the "UAE leadership, government and people have demonstrated the true meaning of solidarity with the People's Republic of China in confronting this latest outbreak."

He expressed his relief and joy following the announcement of Yujia's recovery, lauding the UAE's advanced health care systems and "the strong coordination between China and UAE."

UAE coronavirus
The Chinese Consul General praised the efficiency of the UAE's preventive care and hospital system Image Credit: WAM/Twitter

For his part, Dr. Al Rand said, "The results of the 2019-nCoV detection test conducted on the patient turned out negative of the new coronavirus. She is now in a good health and fully recovered."

He went on to note that the UAE has taken all necessary measures to deal with the newly announced coronavirus cases.

He added, "Individuals diagnosed are receiving proper health care in accordance with leading World Health Organisation standards, with each individual case being monitored until full recovery is attained."

"This case of the Chinese lady increases hope that other discovered cases in the UAE can also be fully recovered," he affirmed.

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