Labourers in the UAE
Image Credit: GN Archive

Ajman: Ajman Economic Development Department (AEDD) issued a circular on Monday restricting the movement of workers to other emirates.

A number of new precautionary and preventive measures were announced for workers with the aim of protecting their health and safety in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

While prohibiting the movement of workers outside the emirate, the department also imposed restrictions on their movement within Ajman as a precautionary measure. Entry of workers from other emirates will also be restricted. Administrative penalties will be levied against violators.

An AEDD official said the decision comes within the framework of precautionary measures and aims to preserve public health. He said the rationale is to ensure physical distancing.

The department directed all companies and institutions operating in the emirate to abide by the circular issued in this regard and to respond immediately.

Companies and institutions want to obtain permit to request an exception should contact the Ajman Police.