Fog descends over Dubai skyline Image Credit: Archives

Sharjah: Police have issued a warning to motorists to be extra vigilant on roads that were blanketed by thick fog during Sunday morning rush hours.

Heavy fog enveloped UAE making driving difficult for motorists. The foggy conditions caused many minor accidents causing further delays for commuters.

Sharjah Police through its social media platform called on motorists to pay attention on the road while driving and abide by traffic rules, and to be extra vigilant during fog. Police urged all divers to call police (on 999) if they find any obstructions, while remembering to follow weather updates before setting off on their journey.

Sharjah Police, in a post on social media, urged motorists to leave enough space between vehicles to avoid causing accidents during the foggy weather.

Meanwhile, Dubai Police have reported a heavy traffic jam due to an accident on Business Bay Bridge causing long tailbacks of vehicles. “Dear driver, reduce speed gradually and do not use hazard lights except for emergencies,” Dubai Police tweeted.