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Children have been making masks as part of the ‘Dragon Masks’ workshop at the 38th Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) at Expo Centre.

Visitors to the workshop, held as part of hundreds of children’s activities, are met several dragon and unicorn craft box heads.

Workshop instructor Henk Steyn from Oli Oli Children Museum took children through the craft materials strewn around the place.

“Just loosen your imagination and use these items to create something unique, let your creative juices flow. Don’t be scared. Express yourself. Consider yourselves to be an artist and don’t doubt your work,” he said, encouraging them with ideas to customise their characters.

“Through this workshop, we are trying to give children the space to be creative, so that they can explore and respond to it in different ways. Take art from the past and improvise on it with your idea as far as you can, from simple to complicated, from common to unique.”

By the end of the 30-minute session, each child had a working mask to take home for a show.

Similar children’s programmes await SIBF visitors until November 9 at the Expo Centre