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Our History

It was 1945 when the first all-Italian washing machine was produced: a Candy. Since then, we’ve become an intrinsic part of family life by simplifying the way we carry out day-to-day domestic chores. Over time, our range has expanded to include all kitchen appliances: ovens, hobs, cooker hoods, fridges and dishwashers. Here at Candy, we are passionate about developing unique, innovative products and exploring untapped areas.

Always alert to changing history, Candy now celebrates 75 years of impressive success built on our philosophy and by listening to the people we love: you. Thanks to our Italian roots, we combine design skills with the creativity that has always been part of our culture and our domestic appliances always live up to expectations.

A story that never stops innovating. Candy’s adventure started in 1945 and, more than 75 years later, we are still adding new chapters. In 2014 Candy developed “simply-Fi”, the first complete range of Wi-Fi appliances that can also be managed remotely via a dedicated App.

Candy continues to offer new ideas, solutions and products that are brilliant, smart and easy to use, with accessible positioning and a constant touch of Italian style.


Candy has a smart approach as the brand offers many ideas to simplify your daily life with a complete range of connected products and unique, brilliant solutions.


Candy has an accessible positioning due to both its value for money proposition (always offering something more at a lower price compared to competitors) through each product category and its set of easy-to-use technologies.


Candy has an Italian touch that you can feel in the products’ design, in the attention to details and in the brand attitude towards home living, food and lifestyle in general.

Simply-Fi App

Today, more and more people organize their lives through a smartphone. Why not use it around the house too? Thanks to Candy simply-Fi, you can communicate with your appliances, simply through your mobile devices and the simply-Fi App.