Alia Nabeel who was born recently at Al Qasimi Hospital in Sharjah. Businessman Firoz Merchant stepped in with financial support for the mother Saeeda to give birth. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Dubai: A generous reader of Gulf News has stepped in to help the family whose daughter was recently denied emergency medical care because her unemployed father couldn't afford it.

And his generosity has helped bring the 20-month-old's baby sister safely into the world.

Pure Gold Jewellers Founder and Chairman Firoz Merchant read about the family's plight in Gulf News, and offered to pay for the care of Farah, who is 20 months old.

However, Merchant soon learned that Farah's mother Saeeda was due to have a baby — and that her husband Harji Nabeel couldn't afford to have her admitted — so the businessman also stepped in with financial support for the mother to give birth.

Gulf News recently reported how Dubai Hospital had denied Farah emergency care because her unemployed father was unable to afford the medical expenses.

Nabeel had recently lost his job after his company closed. Merchant said when he read the report in Gulf News he felt sorry for the child and wanted to help the family.

Nabeel, a Tunisian, had been asked to deposit Dh1,000 to have his daughter admitted to Dubai hospital, which he had been forced to borrow.

However, the following day doctors asked him to take his ill daughter home because he couldn't afford ongoing treatment — despite the fact she held a health card issued by the same hospital.

"They told me in the hospital that the deposit I paid was finished and I have to take my ill daughter out of the hospital," Nabeel said.

Nabeel borrowed the money to have his daughter admitted.

However, he needed another Dh5,000 to have his pregnant wife admitted.

Saeeda told Gulf News that she had been planning to give birth at home. "I had no clue on what to do but when Gulf News highlighted my daughter's issue I also got help from generous people who admitted me to Al Qasimi hospital," Saeeda said.

Saeeda said she was thankful to Merchant for helping her daughter, and helping her to be admitted to Al Qasimi Hospital where she gave birth to her baby girl Alia.

Merchant said when he read Farah's story in Gulf News he felt sorry for the baby girl and her parents.

The businessman said children should not have to suffer from a lack of medical attention. "This was the time for everyone to be morally responsible, by helping each other in times of difficulty," he said.

"I was surprised to learn that the mother was also due for delivery so both needed medical care," Merchant said. "The mother had to be admitted immediately as her due date was imminent.

"I'm very pleased to learn that she has had a healthy delivery and both the mother and the new baby girl are doing well," Merchant said.

He said the pair had received thorough care.