LuLu Exchange has associated with select social organisations and embassies of various nations to distribute more than 600,000 food packets Image Credit: Supplied

LuLu Exchange launched its food-for-all campaign across GCC in April to provide relief to people displaced by the ongoing health crisis.

We have always believed in the idea of giving back to society, and you’ll find this thought as a uniting factor among all our team members. The ongoing health crisis has today turned into a financial and social crisis, and as a responsible corporate we want to stand by those who need our help the most. Food is a human being’s most basic need, and through the food-for-all campaign we want to help those displaced by the crisis to continue living with dignity. We are coordinating our efforts by associating with various welfare organisations to ensure that food kits reach their intended destination and benefit those in need, irrespective of their nationality.”

- Adeeb Ahamed, MD, LuLu Financial Holdings

Adeeb Ahamed, MD, LuLu Financial Holdings, says, “The company has associated with various social organisations and country embassies to make sure that the campaign reaches expats, irrespective of nationality. Over 600,000 meals are being served to people under this campaign, through food kits that contain provisions and supplies.”

LuLu Exchange has an active base of internal volunteers who are at the forefront of collecting donation, arranging supplies of essentials and helping with relief support in the event of a calamity. “In the past, we have actively provided support during the time of Kerala floods, while in several countries of operations, the company has initiated and supported blood donation camps, educational initiatives and free health check-ups,” says Ahamed.

Ahamed also doffs his cap to his front-line staff, people who reported to their workstations and met their valued customers’ needs even as the UAE and the world went into lockdown. He elaborates on the special training that his staff underwent and the precautions in place to tackle the Covid situation.

“All our front-line staff have been trained to maintain good hygiene, both in their workstations and while handling customers. The company is also regularly conducting precautionary measures across its branches, in line with the government directive, which includes sterilisation procedures such as deep cleaning and fitting hand sanitisers at accessible points, so that customers get complete peace of mind while at the branch, without worrying about safety or hygiene.”