Sharjah Municipality has urged motorists to follow the rules while parking their vehicles. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Sharjah City Municipality (SCM) has specified the most common illegal parking behaviours that should be avoided when using public parking spaces, even as it has urged motorists are urged to follow the rules.

The ten kinds of parking that are wrong include occupying more than one parking spot, blocking other vehicles and obstructing traffic, parking next to garbage containers, parking in bus stops and hence impeding the movement of passengers, parking in prohibited areas, parking on sidewalks, parking in closed sandy spaces, parking on road corners, parking in ‘no parking’ zones between buildings and parking in ‘disabled parking’ spaces.

Leave the bus stops for the buses. Image Credit: Supplied
Parking in front of garbage bins must be avoided. Image Credit: Supplied
Parking in road corners is not permitted. Image Credit: Supplied

The municipality is keen to educate the public about such actions to boost road safety and also the aesthetics of the city.

Parking in front of parked cars is an offence. Image Credit: Supplied

Hamed Al Qaed, Director of Public Parking Department in Sharjah City Municipality, said the municipality is working on organising daily inspection visits to paid parking spaces during weekdays from 8am until 10pm, as well ason Fridays and official holidays to monitor any form of abuse and take action against it.

Do not park in closed sandy areas. Image Credit: Supplied

Al Qaed explained that the 10 behaviours that have been identified with respect to parking are very common and should be avoided at all cost as they cause obstruction to traffic and can also create problems on the road. Parking in these prohibited areas also negatively impacts the civic appearance of the city.

Using pavements to park is a no no. Image Credit: Supplied
Do not use two parking slots to park one car. Image Credit: Supplied
A 'No Parking' zone means just that. Don't force your way into it. Image Credit: Supplied

He noted that there are more than 57,000 paid parking spaces in the city of Sharjah and about more than 290 investment yards to facilitate the public to park their vehicles and save effort and time in searching for a parking space.

As such, the public should make good use of these designated areas, he added.