Abu Dhabi drug
Abu Dhabi Police arrest a man who attempted to smuggle drug in garbage bag rolls Image Credit: ADP

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Polcie have apprehended two Arabs who were attempting to smuggle narcotics to a neighbouring country.

The suspects were arrested in a proactive operation by the Abu Dhabi Police.

In a statement, Brigadier Taher Al Dhaheri, director of the Abu Dhabi Police Anti-Narcotics Directorate, said the operation was being carefully monitored, and included a comprehensive security plan to track the movement of the individuals. One of the pair was initially running the operation from outside the UAE, and eventually travelled to the UAE to complete proceedings. Brigadier Al Dhaheri said the suspect was unaware that he was being tracked.

The arrest therefore caught the individuals by surprise, and they were apprehended with the narcotics in their possession. This was despite attempts to choose what the suspects had felt was the opportune time and place to complete the smuggling operation.

Concealed pills

According to the Police, the two men had attempted to conceal the pills in the form of rolls inside garbage bags. On being questioned with proof, they confessed to the smuggling attempt, and illegal possession of the narcotics. The pills were confiscated and turned over to the Public Prosecution for further investigation.

Combating drug trafficking

Brigadier Al Dhaheri said the Abu Dhabi Police is keen to combat drug smuggling and use across the country, and is employing the most advanced technologies to apprehend dealers and traffickers.

The Abu Dhabi Police is also a key player in an ongoing Abu Dhabi-wide effort to protect the community from the harms of drug use, and works actively to prevent trafficking.