The ‘Family-Work Balance’ service aims at empowering Emirati families to balance their professional and personal lives. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: In a move to bolster family stability and gender equality, the Family Development Foundation (FDF) in Abu Dhabi has unveiled the ‘Family-Work Balance’ service.

This initiative aligns with FDF’s dedication to “fortifying the social fabric” of the country by empowering Emirati families, particularly women, to balance their professional and personal lives.

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The newly launched service is designed to support members of the community in achieving an optimal balance between work commitments and family life. It specifically focuses on empowering women to independently manage a healthy lifestyle, enhance their skills, and harmoniously integrate their career and family responsibilities.

Workshops and programmes

In the past year, the FDF held a variety of workshops and programmes across 17 centres in Abu Dhabi, Al Dhafra, and Al Ain, impacting over 2,200 women.

Khadija Al Suwaidi, Cultural Programmes Specialist at FDF, said: “Our extensive range of activities, spanning various centres, is a testament to our commitment to enhancing the quality of life for women and, by extension, their families.”

Also, in its pursuit to commemorate occasions like Emirati Women’s Day and International Women’s Day, FDF collaborated with Shnaf and other partners. Special events and services were organised, underlining the importance of family-work balance in these commemorations.

Looking ahead, FDF is gearing up to organise a new series of programmes and community activities in 2024. These events aim to further reinforce family stability, ingraining values and knowledge pivotal for societal sustainability and long-term happiness.