An abandoned car is picked up by Abu Dhabi Municipality after a notice period of 14 days. Image Credit: WAM

Abu Dhabi: The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has called on owners of vehicles not to leave their cars abandoned in parking lots, roads or public places, as the summer vacation approaches.

The municipality said this undermines the safety of residents, disrupts traffic flow, deprives the public of their right to use the parking and roads, and inflicts damage on public property.

This call coincides with the fast approaching summer vacation and the travel season, as some motorists abandon their vehicles in a way that transforms them into rubbish deposits, sources of pollution and havens for rodents, besides disfiguring the environment, undermining public health and causing serious security hazards.

The municipality stressed that combating this problem is a social responsibility and is not restricted to official bodies. It warrants the cooperation of inhabitants as well as it constitutes an infringement of the rights of the public.

The municipality also called for reporting of any vehicle or mechanical device abandoned in a public area, as the impacts of this problem are not limited only to the environment or health, but go further to cause other social risks that warrant the combined cooperation of the public.

The municipality continues its campaign in the capital and surrounding areas, and the ongoing campaign at Musaffah has resulted in the towing away of about 2,268 abandoned vehicles from public parking areas and pavements during the period from November 2009 to June 2010. Last year such campaigns resulted in 1,595 abandoned vehicles being removed. All were from the Abu Dhabi district where action has been taken in this regard.

Towing away abandoned vehicles from public places, streets and pavements is done after close monitoring by the concerned inspectors of the municipality after a 14-day notice period is issued, followed by affixing a notice to remove the vehicle within 24 hours. failing which it will be sent to a designated impounding area.

If the owner takes a long time to report to the impounding site, actions are then taken accordingly.